Friday, April 28, 2017

The Lowell Loves our Fire Department

Thanks to the PTO and teachers for organizing a way to show the Watertown Fire Department how much we appreciate all of their hard work.

The kids really stepped up and had fun doing it!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pre-K/K Play Date

Science Night - June 1!!!

Second Annual Lowell Family Science Night!

The second annual Lowell Family Science Night will be Thursday, June 1st. We are in need of volunteers to help plan the event.  Since, last year's event was so successful the planning should be minimal and can most likely be accomplished in one planning meeting.  This year the night is generously funded by the Lowell PTO.

Please email Elizabeth Kaplan,, if you are interested in helping to plan or volunteer at the event.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

MAY 7 - Garden Setup - Shed Installation Day

Hello Lowell Learning Garden Volunteers,

I hope this email finds you all doing well.  It has been a while since you've received a garden-related email, hasn't it?!  Not much to do in the garden over the winter, of course, but now it is spring!  And, with the start of spring, comes the need to begin thinking about our wonderful Lowell Learning Garden again...  

First, some important Lowell Learning Garden news and information to share:
  • If you hadn't heard the exciting news, the Lowell Learning Garden received $1400,  from both community donations, and a challenge grant through $eedMoney (a nonprofit that helps public food gardens to start and thrive through grants, access to crowdfunding, etc.)  The money raised will be going towards the purchase of a garden shed, where garden tools and materials will be stored.  Aaaand, this leads me to the next bullet point...
  • We are planning a "Shed Installment + Garden Clean Up" Work Day!  The work day will take place on Sunday, May 7th @ 1pm - 4pm.  Please email me to let me know if you can join us for some, or all, of the work day!  Ideally, we are looking for a total of 10 helpers that day.  Jobs may include: helping with the shed installation, weeding, preparing the garden beds, and general help with cleaning up the garden area.  (Possibly a painting project, as well.) 
  • Classes have been taking full advantage of the learning garden this school year, with our District Garden Coordinator, Judy Fallows, as their guide!  Here are just a few examples of what some classes have done in the garden already, from Judy:
    • K and PreK students had a "meetup" in late August, before the start of school, and got to pick cherry tomatoes in the garden.  They had a great time! 
    • As part of the 3rd grade curriculum, students learn of the Three Sisters Garden; a Native American companion planting technique.  Word has it it was going strong in the fall, with pole beans climbing up the corn stalks and some squash plants trailing on the ground underneath! 
    • 5th grade got to harvest some corn, which was dry corn in several colors, even some light blue kernels on one variety.

We hope that some of you will be able to help out on May 7th.  No need to be a gardening expert (though always helpful to have those with experience help out!).  Children are welcome, and encouraged, to come with you!  It's always a nice time getting some fresh air, connecting with other families, connecting with nature, and getting our hands a little dirty together.  

 Lastly, if you know of folks who are interested in being added to this volunteer group, please send me their information, or share this email with them!

Please reach out with questions.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bren Bataclan Visits the Lowell

We had a very special visitor today in Bren Bataclan.  He came to help celebrate our students SHATTERING the Reading Challenge goal.

Bren showed off some of his skills by combining things like horses and crabs and then pretzels and elephants.  The kids had a blast.  He also did some teaching.  Our students were able to really step up and draw some very cool stuff.

Fun times at the Lowell!

Special thanks to Ms. Cox, Ms. Liberatore, Ms. Steim, and Ms. Toledano for organizing all of this fun.