Thursday, March 16, 2017

Awesome Math Night!

We had a fun-filled night at the Lowell. Math and Technology Night was a HUGE success.

We had 3-D printers, Minecraft programming, robotic spheres, crazy puzzles, a geodome, origami, algebra puzzles for all ages, and math problems scattered all over the school.

Warmed a math-guys's heart.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Kaplan for running the show!

Special thanks to the Watertown Cultural Council for their donation to make this all come together!

Amazing planning by Ms. Toni Carlson running the engineering room.

Awesome work by Mr. Fiandaca, Ms. Talamas, and Ms. Zywocinski for working the origami table.

Thanks for working with kids all over the event to Ms. Driscoll, Ms. Altobello, Mr. Kelly, Ms. Delande, Ms. Steim, Ms. Sudbay, Ms. Peck, Ms. Brodeur, and Ms. Walker.

Countless contributions of time and planning from the Fiuczynski's, Hammerschlag's, Miller's, and Mosca's!

Awesome volunteer work from some of my very favorite middle school students.

MATH CAN BE FUN!! And it certainly was tonight!

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