Saturday, January 28, 2017

International Night was a HUGE Success!!!

International Night was a tremendous success!
Special thanks to Yolyett Hohmann for organizing and facilitating so many details and participants. You went above and beyond! Thanks to the wonderful PTO for funding quite a bit of money for this.
Thanks to all of the families that brought all of that delicious food! I think I hit every continent at the food tables. It was so so so good! Thanks to our wonderful student performers. Thanks to all of the students that proudly taught us about their background.
Thanks to Ms. Steim, Ms. Altobello, Ms. Zywocinski, Ms. Talamas, Ms. Richardson, Mr. Fiandaca, Ms.Breen, Ms. Vachon, Ms. Grimaldi, Ms. Park, Ms. Delande, Mr. Kelly, Ms. Levine, Ms. Horrigan, Ms. Curtin, Ms. Walker, Ms. Fiuczynski, Ms. Flynn, and Ms. Mumtaz for making it out on a Friday night. You help make this the wonderful community that it is.
Thanks to Dr. Brackett and Dr. McGuinness for representing central office! Thanks to Candace Miller for representing the school committee!
It was an amazing event. It was my first and I was absolutely in awe of how cool it was. We had THIRTY countries that participated. We truly are so lucky to have such a diverse community. It makes us better, more well-rounded people every single day. I'm so proud to be a part of it.
Have a great weekend,
Phil Oates

Here are some pictures that I have uploaded on to Facebook:

Here are some other great pics taken by Seta Davidian:

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