Tuesday, November 22, 2016

First Grade has a Thankful Feast! - REMINDER DISMISSAL ON WEDNESDAY IS AT 12PM

What a fun event!

With the help of our wonderful teachers and parent volunteers, we just had one of the coolest hands-on learning events I have ever seen.  We took sweet potatoes from our community garden (and some from the grocery store) and peeled them, mashed them, made pancakes out of them.  We had students shaking heavy cream like crazy to turn it into butter.  We had students on the griddle flipping their own pancakes.  WHAT A FUN COMMUNITY EVENT!

Special thanks to our first grade team: Tony Fiandaca, Amy Peca, Lauryn Richardson, Christine Talamas, Noreen Cassidy, Joanne Herrero, Jacqui Tresca, and Stacy Vachon for facilitating such an innovative, engaging, interactive event.

See some fun pictures below:

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