Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Our First Buddy Tuesday and High Five Friday!!

Hello Lowell Community,

We had our first whole school assembly on Friday and it was a lot of fun to have all 415 students all together in the gym.  We had three fifth graders that were brave enough to stand up in front of the whole school to sing the school song.  They did a fantastic job.  Our Core Values (Cooperation, Perseverance, Integrity, and Kindness) were introduced to the whole school.  We also discussed that we will be having Buddy Tuesday's coming up along with our first High Five Friday.

We have an exciting week ahead of us.

Today (10/18), we are having our first Buddy Tuesday.  This is a very cool thing that the Lowell school does, where we have fifth graders meet with a buddy in second grade, fourth graders meet with a buddy in first grade, and third graders meet with a buddy in Kindergarten.  This is a chance for our younger students to really have someone to look up to and ask questions.  It also allows our older students to become better leaders in the school.  They are really able to build skills in the core values kindness and cooperation.

High Five Friday is an idea I came up with to help our school build even further as a community.  We will be having our first one this Friday (10/21).  Part of our whole school assembly was a lesson on safe high-fives versus non-safe high fives.  We had some students from Ms. Levine's class participate in our instructional videos:





We are really looking forward to these fun events this week.  I hope you all have a great one.

Mr. Oates

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