Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Awesome Lesson in the Garden

I had the amazing opportunity to join Ms. Levine's and Ms. Sudbay's fifth grade classes in our garden this week.  Judy Fallows started things off discussing the harvesting process.  They then discussed the parts of the plants, their life-cycle, and the differences between squash and sweet potatoes.  The kids then got their hands dirty (literally) and began to rotate throughout the garden.  They got to dig for potatoes and sweet potatoes, weed surrounding areas of the garden, harvest scarlet runner beans, and take down the stalks of corn for winter.  It is one of the coolest lessons I have ever seen.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Kaplan for attending as well.

I know that there were first/second grade classes harvesting earlier in the week as well.

Please see some awesome pictures below:

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