Monday, September 26, 2016

Buddy Benches are Coming

Buddy Benches Are Coming

August 22, 2016 7:37AM

Hello Lowell Community,

            I have some exciting news to share.  I approached Maria Hinkson, representing a group of parents that were close with Bob Galante, with the idea of buying a buddy bench in his name.  She said that she was all for it, and created a tremendously successful fundraising effort to bring in OVER $3000!  This will more than cover two buddy benches for the Lowell (one for each playground) and a few more to be spread out throughout the Watertown community.  These benches will be ordered today for the Lowell School, and hopefully get installed by the end of September.  Special thanks to Nikki Muraca for doing some behind the scenes work (and sending the article below) with the Recreation Department and the DPW who have both been very helpful throughout the entire process.

To read more on the positive effects of buddy benches, please read:

This is what being a school community is all about.  Thank you so much to those of you that have donated and helped.  This will be great for our schools.

Phil Oates

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